Mauritius - The Green Island

Mauritius Villa Rental

The hot and renowned island of Mauritius is always popular with sun worshippers and lovers of nature alike.

Mauritius is a combination of white sandy beaches and luxurious green interior, the perfect scenario for a sublime and unforgettable holiday.

Mauritius is a relaxing multicultural and multi religious country which makes it an exciting holiday destination which has gained in attraction over the years with all of the tourists that visit.

Independent tourists now have the ability to choose from an amazing variety of Self Catering Accommodation Mauritius instead of having to remain in a expensive and confining hotel.

These villas are relaxing, entirely equipped and located on the foremost exquisite sandy beaches.

The Mauritius rental format or Location Ile Maurice is extremely fashionable as it offers freedom, space and privacy at extremely realistic and fair rates.

There are numerous and wonderful white beaches jotted all around the coastline of this sub tropical island paradise.

The lagoon is warm and perfect for snorkeling as it is protected by a coral barrier filled with bright tropical fish that tourists love to see when snorkeling or scuba diving.

There are many places of interest which are cultural, historical and naturally beautiful for tourists who want to discover this fascinating island.

For the more active visitor who really wants to experience the sun in a different way activities such as fishing, diving, golfing, parasailing, kite surfing, nature trails and biking trips.

Mauritians are gracious, hospitable to holiday-makers plus they speak English, French and the local dialect, Creole, fluently.

So when staying in a Mauritius Villa Rental, there's never a problem with the language barrier either with employees or with locals when visiting the island.

Imagine the delight that you're going to feel relaxing at the end of the day having a cool drink in paradise followed by a locally prepared dinner just for your enjoyment.

You will experience the magic of this beautiful destination when you step on board for your flight.

Even the cabin crew taking care of your flight will inform you how pleased they are flying to Mauritius because it is one of their preferred destinations.

It is a well known fact that tourists choose to come back to Mauritius each year as it provides a whole lot for families and friends to experience and enjoy together.

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